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SEEDS In The Wind

SEEDS In The Wind is an intense saga that depicts research by three romantic African Americans: Tanya, an educator, Paul, a doctoral student, and Caldwell, a lay minster of a parish church. They uncover pre-Bienville (1565) "records," collaborating with stories les vieux mondes tell about "Louisiana" when linguistic Christian West Africans from five nations, spoke French "the international trade language" as well as Wolof and "Falani." These West Africans are former associates of Alfonso, King of the Congo, known to Pope Leo X; (who ordained a group of young Congolese men, priests, also the king's son, Henrique, Bishop.)
         The West Africans travelled on their own ships to the "new territory;" and named it for their mother countries: New Mali, New Congo, New Algeria, New Senegal, and New Iberia "compounds." They communicated through "talking drums;" cultivated self-supporting agricultural planting stations; and built busilage shelters and wood mansions that withstood drastic climate and weather changes.
      After 100 years, a minority of West African Planters began to seek profits. They established plantations with family labor, then "bond labor." They adapted African labor skills to European "Slavic forced labor," (the origin of the word, slave). By 1830 1,000 Black masters were owners of 3,000 slaves, while millions of African settlers and Caribbeans retained ancient agriculture. They "walked off" the plantations with gens des coleurs (people of color) identity, before European families arrived in 1832, 1836, and thereafter... Irish, French, Cajuns, English, Germans, Italians... provoked Planter les codes noires (black codes) and La Belle Quateroon (Quadroon Ball).
         The originally West African territorial names were changed. "New Congo" became New Orleans, "New Algeria," became Algiers, "New Mali," Mis'sipi. "Senegal" and Sene-Gambia became the site of Pointe Coupee Parish and False River. Only New Iberia retained its West African title. Settlements were reduced to small towns, museums, parks...Congo Square. Codes silenced the drums and rang the bells... to the Civil War.

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"The 106th Birthday Of Ora M. Lewis Celebrated"

Her Early Published Work

1927 Thru 1943

The Ora M. Lewis Film

The Ora M. Lewis film on her profound journalistic desegregation and voting rights works is forthcoming. The film will challenge and inspire the mainstream understanding of how Louisiana was desegregated.

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SEEDS In The Wind

Originally published in 2000, the historical romance novel represents a culmination of research and creativity by Ora M. Lewis. Rare edition manuscripts are available upon request.

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Celebrating Her Life

Happy 106th Birthday To Ora M. Lewis.


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